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What is Tistro?

Tistro is an application that functions on a
Supervisor – Agent premise in so far as
fulfilling the function of a time capturing
utility. It monitors user activity and saves
this activity to a database for effortless
productivity analysis.

TISTRO Dashboards easy to use graphical interface.

How it works

and Reporting

Due to the granularity of the raw data
provided by the Tistro endpoint client
and the scale of the cloud-based
analytics engine, Tistro provides
organisations with extremely accurate
benchmarking and reporting of user
productivity against role based

Employee Empowerment
and Performance

Tistro's performance profiling allows
line managers and HR departments to
review user's work performance and
work loads on an ongoing basis to
establish any behaviour anomalies that
could affect productivity. This allows
organisations to manage their
employee's well being by identifying
work life imbalances.

Near Real-Time User
Activity Interpretation

Through merging a user’s work rate
and what they are working on, Tistro
can provide user productivity reporting
in almost real-time.

Calendar Integration
and Correlation

Tistro’s unique calendar integration
and attendee availability correlation
capabilities incorporates this critical
data into the overall time and activity
information delivered into the Tistro
Cloud. This enables reporting of the full
scope of user's activities and
interactions within the enterprise.

Automated User Time

• Tistro allows for automatically
generated productivity reports.
• For non-timesheet based users, Tistro
provides powerful, independent
productivity reporting, assisting in
performance reviews.
• This process can save thousands of
man hours, optimising the
performance management process.

Data Encryption

All Tistro data is encrypted at source
using Private Public Key encryption
(PPK) ensuring data security from
source and throughout the system
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